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Can't we press fast forward already?

So much amazing stuff to look forward to! posted a pic of an empty box yesterday and muffled screaming echoed across the world because LOOK AT OUR TRIO IN THE LAST JEDI, GUYS:

New trio Last Jedi

Who all wants to spec with me? :DDD Details we can glean about the movie from this one image:
  • Rey is using the legacy lightsaber.
  • Finn is still wearing the travelling jacket.
  • Rey with the good hair.
  • Poe's helmet has a shiny new upgrade but his jacket looks dirty/dusty?

  • Anybody else have comments/spec? :DDDD

GotG 2/May 5th also can't come soon enough! I made these icons mostly from the trailers. Feel free to use them! They're sized for DW- most of them are too big for LJ. Credit/Comment, no hotlinking please.

baby groot aw(e) angry baby groot baby groot press 1 baby groot side baby groot running roar baby groot carried away baby groot running away baby groot contemplative rocket groot sitdown serious rocket groot woohoooo starmora in sync starmora in space starmora sparks starmora reach out

Also The Originals is back in less than a month! Check out the promo poster!

hope and dead starlings
Is that Hope surrounded by dead starlings? Which was Esther's bird? Remember all the prophecies the witches had about her being like, the harbinger of Doom for them all? Also, what could that blue light be? Hmmmm

The fighting family pic made my day when it got posted to twitter/IG, so I made it an icon. I'm hoping it'll be useful for upcoming entries! :DDD

klamille holding hands mikaelson triad mikaelson family blues

And as of 9 hours ago on twitter, Kylie Bunbury still doesn't know if Pitch will be renewed. *sigh*
breathe mami pitch ginny livan walk

ETA: Tried to cut to save image loading on reading/friend's pages but DW still hates div/cut tag interaction so I apologize for the formatting. *siiigh* This entry was originally posted at You can also comment there using OpenID.
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