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Ship Manifesto: Hiccstrid Edition

Okay, I just feel the need to explain why I went from , "aw, they're cute" after How To Train Your Dragon in 2010 to I SHIP THIS LIKE BURNING in the space of like, a month. And mostly from a one minute clip before HTTYD2 even came out. This is embarrassing.

There are two versions; the second shows the second half of their convo:

And just look at their body language. They are soooo comfortable with each other, getting in each other's personal space without even thinking, scratching absently and fidgeting and poking fun at each other without any self-consciousness. She knows him well enough to anticipate what he's going to say; he's comfortable being totally vulnerable in front of her. Compare this to their flustered discomfort at even being near each other in 1x03 (Animal House, Riders of Berk)

I don't like the whole "first love is true love" trope because in real life it rarely works like that? And wow, do I remember how gross the boys I grew up with were, ew. But because we get to see the journey their relationship takes, from pitying indifference/crush to rivals to friendship to close friends and finally to that supportive, easy intimacy we see in HTTYD2, I find it wholly believable.

They're also complements, opposites, which is one of my favorite shipping tropes. He's the planner, the artist, the inventor, the peacemaker. And she's the enforcer, the warrior, the one with her feet firmly on the ground who speaks with unladylike bluntness. And I love how she's the one who's physically stronger, while he's literally named Hiccup because that's what they name runts. LOL I also love how he's the one who vocalizes his emotions whereas she's more comfortable with physical demonstrations of her feelings.

Gender flipped tropes are my favorite, okay?
get downastrid hammer

They end up on more of a middle ground though- you see Astrid soften and Hiccup toughen up by HTTYD2, which is exactly the growth curve I love to see. Like look at how freaking tender she is with him here:
And he's grown a foot and taken lessons in badass- check out him standing between Astrid and Toothless --his former protectors-- and danger: Oh- and he's kinda wielding like, a Viking lightsaber. Hot, right? haha i know i'm so punny
We see them act like such a comfortable, natural couple in HTTYD2 that it just gives me all the squishy feelings. I love the way they give little cheek kisses and touch each other casually; tell the story of meeting Eret together, filling in the other's blanks; how she just assumes that she'll be walking the dog flying Toothless when his responsibilities increase.

Just look at how they look at each other here. They are so in love and there's no need for declarations- it's just totally obvious.
hiccstrid love

Plus this kiss has been like, five years in the making. Pretty funny to watch fandom explode when somebody leaked crappy cam footage of it from the advance screenings. (Here, have it in HD.)
the kiss
Plus even Stoick ships them. *sobs*
Random kink: I always look for mirroring in couples, and we see it so much in the series and the second movie:

Fandom stuff:
Recs- I will probably add to this list in time, but TBH I've been mostly writing fic of my own because nothing really hits my sweet spot. I know, I'm picky as hell.

Cold North Wind by sunflowerb- Valka-centric, Hiccstrid. This one-shot explores a number of issues post-HTTYD2 beautifully- prosthetic issues, residual resentment, grief. The refrain of how the gods listen/are silent is haunting. Just a perfectly lovely fic to soothe all the holes that damn movie leaves in you.

Fifteen Kennings for Woman: A Sequence by nebroadwe- Astrid-centric, very subtle Hiccstrid, a series of fifteen drabbles set after HTTYD. This fic is beautifully researched and written. The way the author does characterization and evokes setting and emotion in exactly 100 words each time just leaves me in total freaking awe.

Dyanneh's Viking Essays- for all your Viking culture reference needs with cool pointers about how each cultural point would relate to Berk.

Trapped by hiilikedragons- A little Asscup from Fishleg's agonized perspective. Plus Hiccup being a geek about his flightsuit as an aside is priceless.

Behind Closed Doors by hiilikedragons- Miscarriage angst. I love how Astrid is still trying to be practical and holding herself up to impossible standards; how hapless and helpless Hiccup is.

HTTYD2 Day and Night- This kind of yin-yang depiction IS MY CRACK

Most of him, Recovery, Matching Parts, Loving- thank you- Gorgeous fanart based on HTTYD

Romantic Flight, Older- I swear, I can hear the music in my head as I look at this.

Shitty Comics- which are adorable, hilarious and capture the characters so well.
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