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TO 4x02 "No quarter"

I enjoyed this ep a lot! Lots of Cami keeping Klaus tethered to reality and self awareness (which is making certain parts of fandom froth at the mouth, hahahahaha) and Davina mentions, so their presences even in death were palpable influences on our terrible heroes. I LOVED IT.
Plus Kol and Rebekah reappeared at last, and we even got a proper Rebekol scene! :DDDD It's been two seasons ABOUT TIME ALREADY. He's always felt closer to Nik and Beks than the others and it was great to see that shown again. 
rebekol 1
rebekol 2
I think they're already winding him up for the black sheep/lone wolf path again though. Throughout the ep, he kept chafing against staying when they'd just gotten free. And since Nate isn't a season reg, I'm betting he'll be gone after next ep, probably (hopefully) on a crusade to find something to bring back Davina. Because he was also obviously tormented by her death- not sure if 5 years passes the same way in Chambre de Chasse as in real time, but Josh lost Aiden in 2x19 and now he's already giving Sage Life Advice about grief and moving on to a vampire hundreds of times his age. LOL Also, why doesn't Josh (or Kol) seem to remember that Kol(eb) got fatally hexed playing distraction with Finn(cent) because Aiden and Davina were rescuing him? Even the pic in Josh's phone is from the night Kol(eb) died. Seems like just the thing Kol would throw in Josh's face out of sheer petty spite, but he didn't- in fact the way he acted in that last scene made it seem as though he was taking Josh's advice to heart, smiling fondly at her picture before snapping the phone in two and tossing it casually aside. (Or maybe it was to throw Freya off? Freya looked pretty unnerved at the way he was looking at Davina's picture and holding on to Josh's phone.)

One thing I didn't like: the final confrontation made me super-uncomfortable, not only because my fave was a total dick to Marcel (and nobody told him to shut it), but also because fandom seems to share his sentiments. Like, the idea that Marcel was never a Mikaelson (but Hayley is); that Marcel was a total usurper who deserves death and worse for daring to become more powerful than the Mikaelsons. I like that they brought the idea of a royal pardon/King's mercy back into play, but I think it's such an unwise political decision to let Klaus go that it stuck me as false, an excuse for Marcel not to kill him when totally provoked. Like, Marcel is oddly sentimental about certain people, and I'm betting Klaus is one of them, still, despite all the awful things he's done (or stood by and watched done) to his "son". 

Random things: Summer Fontana is a terrible fake-sleeper, and I still find Phoebe Tonkin's American accent obviously fake. Both were so distracting! Like I know I'm not supposed to be snorting with laughter in emotional scenes but I can't even help myself. XD This entry was originally posted at You can also comment there using OpenID.
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