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Look at everything I've consumed this week

I'm loving the Izzy addiction arc, and adding Raphael to the mix is just !!! It's totally fucked up how they're both getting high off each other! HELL YESSSSS. MORE PLEASE. 

Also WTFing at the Simon/Clary when Simon/Maia is obviously a 100000% better fit and Clary has shown no romantic interest in Simon ever? Also WTFing over the lack of physical demonstrations of affection between Malec. It's like they skipped over the honeymoon period of the relationship completely? IDGI 

I'm loving this Jane gets published arc, and the look at lingering grief. THAT STUPID GIRAFFE. *cries* Also, why the hell do they refuse to tell us about Raphael's girlfriend and yet keep dangling her there?! UGH. 


Totally the pinnacle of the already fantastic LMD arc! Awesome action sequences and scream into your hands nooooooo moments. Heart-wrenching drama with hard existential questions being asked (and answered). Nail biting suspense punctuated with geeky humor. Antagonists getting exactly what they ask for and having their trust betrayed as well. JEMMA AND DAISY AND LMD!MAY SAVING THE DAY BEFORE THEY DUMP US INTO THE WTF AU FRAMEWORK AHHHHHHHHHHHH

Okay. Okay. Attempt at coherence.

So they decided to rip out our hearts with Fitzsimmons first. First the tragic red herring that maybe whoever it is just doesn't know they're an LMD, like LMD!May didn't. Both in tears and terrified. Abruptly ended with LMD!Fitz's casual cruelty as he stabs Jemma and then concusses her. The deliberate parallels between the knockout in FZZT (1x06) when she tearfully hits him in the back of the head to keep him safe from his drive to save her, and this one, where he's looking her in the eye and utterly blase as he hits her, is just AHHHHHH MY HEART OWOWOW. It's made all the worse by his slight irritation and exasperated tone as she struggles and protests, as if she's an irrational toddler and he's the parent buckling a seat belt because he loves her and just wants to protect her. Followed by the creepiest marriage proposal ever and Jemma going Gone Girl on LMD!Fitz and the barest kind of solace in seeing that it really wasn't him. (It wasn't him. It wasn't him.) 

And then they throw us straight into Daisy's Twilight Zone version of AoS, because breathing and normal heart rates are for losers. They deliberately reveal that she's the only non-LMD to come back from the mission so that we can squirm over how surrounded and clueless she is as she unknowingly agrees to help in the execution of all registered Inhumans, starting with Elena. Luckily, she discovers her clone army and prevents Order 66 from happening by disguising herself as one of her own LMD clones. That scene with Jemma was just so heartbreaking, and I love how Daisy's Inhuman-ity ends up being the thing that lets them both know how utterly human they are. HOW PERFECT WAS THAT. *crying*

I love how Aida is full on murder-bot in this one, seizing gleefully on rationalizations. THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED TO HEAR. *pleasant smile as she slices people open* And they keep going with this Pinocchio-like motivation for her? (She just wants to be a real girl.) I LOVE IT.

Finally LMD!May, who is all too aware how she isn't real, that her memories and feelings are transplants. Her quiet tragedy and resolute sacrifice play for Daisy and Jemma and therefore a not-less-painful reality for herself was both NOOO and utterly fitting.


I was supposed to read American Gods and I've made it all the way through the intro, carried the book on the train a number of times and yet still haven't managed to read the rest of it. So because I just can't seem to get into it, I put it down and devoured another book instead: Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed. It's funny how her stories about shitty things she lived through makes such good perspective for others, (including myself). Lovelovelove. 

Grey's: way to take one of my favorite tropes (Reunions) and make it painful, grounded in stark reality and yet still somewhat hopeful. This is why I still love you.

I can't bear to watch HTGAWM live, so I'm going to wait so I can pause it when it gets too full on. I don't know if I can bear to see Wes die. :( 

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