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Today was a writing day again at long last! :DDD Have a good start on a Leia-centric fic for [community profile] trope_bingo .

So many fandom things to write about too:

I got spoiled on FB so I put off watching this ep of JtV until today. And seriously

nooooooooooo :''''''''( That last scene was so heartbreaking. Poor Jane. Poor Michael. Poor Mateo.

I love how his relationships with everybody were at their absolute peak, full of love, mutual respect, understanding and support. I love how they made two beautiful markers for how far he and Jane had come. Pretty sure those two juxtaposed picture strips are going to be what she holds onto in this next chapter, like the framed flower metaphor in the first. OUCH. OUUUUUCHHHHH

I'm so sad that it was a dissection and that he would have died pretty much instantly, no takebacks, no intervention possible. The foreshadowing was all there, and I think they prepared the audience beautifully over the last season til now. (But WHO THE HELL GIVES THAT NEWS OVER THE PHONE WTFFFFF.) 

And yet they still ended on a hopeful note? Loved Michael, and I think the writing staff will make sure his presence is felt right til the show finale. 

Speaking of characters that are supposed to be gone, HAVE YOU GUYS SEEN THE PROMO FOR THE ORIGINALS?!

She's dressed in white, like an angel. *cries* Not forgiving them for offing my faves (TWO IN THE SAME EP FFS) but I will take back my rage!quit threats if she gets to guest star a decent amount. (And maybe gets resurrected? Maybe? Please?)

Also I thought Malec had already done it, but I guess I was wrong about the implications of Alec saying, "Not much sleeping involved" last season. (Whoops.)

Anyway the next ep looks like great fun! :DDDD I'm totally Izzy. LOL

I binge watched Westworld over the last week too.  I really enjoyed it! If I'd known Jonathan Nolan was involved I might have watched it sooner. Naturally my fave got killed off, because my stanning instincts remain A+++. XDD The producers have hinted she might not actually be dead though, so hope remains. I should GIF her for [community profile] halfamoon but I'm still playing catch up on both real life and fandom things, so we'll see if I get some motivation tomorrow to cap. The review hunt being hosted sounds like fun too! 

I'm kind of meh over HTGAWM still. I don't know, it feels forced ("Spoon me"? Really?) and OTT and my favorite bits are actually the flashbacks and Michaela. This Wes thing is still breaking my heart and I feel like, zero forgiveness, nothing left to give you, show.

AoS remains awesome in its LMD arc. Don't like the foreshadowing that May's real body is going to give up though, although I'm getting a sneaking suspicion that is exactly why LMD!May's body is still hanging around. :/// 

ETA: I've figured out the DW html fail: any time I edit, it screws up tags for some reason. RME Note to self: leave typos as-is for less frustration.

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