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MY OTP IS PERFECT- a Forwood master post

Soooo many Forwood feelings after that last episode, guys. Can we all agree that Tyler Lockwood is the best boyfriend ever for risking his life to make Caroline's prom dreams come true? I mean look at how they both just relax into each other for the moment before they're forced apart again, how they're trying to cover up their sadness about it in the end.

TC 4x19-01
TC 4x19-02
TC 4x19-03
TC 4x19-04
TC 4x19-05
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Why the heck do i ship this tragic star-crossed couple so hard? It's borderline masochistic, rooting for TC- they've spent more time apart than together even when they're technically a couple. So let me try to explain- I've collected a bunch of fics and meta here in a coherent post instead of scattered in my memories and all over my tumblr.

Metas/Parallels- most of this is from tumblr since nobody really writes Forwood meta here on LJ, although 12_12_12 has S3 Tyler and S3 Caroline metas.

Role reversal- They are equals, they challenge each other, they fight for and comfort each other. No judgement, no insecurity- just look at the way she talks to him compared to say, Stefan or Bonnie. She doesn't ever have to preface or follow with a warning or apology. And he feels free to be vulnerable around her, no cocky fronting or deflection.

From acquaintances to friends to lovers- Their relationship is a journey. And I love how friendship is the foundation of everything, how much they understand and respect each other.

Destroying tropes and stereotypes- what they are on the surface- the mayor's son with the sheriff's daughter; the blonde bitchy cheerleader with the rich douchebag jock- actually is irrelevant to why they are together. It's not what they are to each other, it's who they are as people. Which is really interesting when you realize that Caroline Forbes loves to live according to narratives- Twilight, Gone with the wind, The Bachelor. And she's learning that storybook perfect and conforming to superficial roles is not their perfect- although see how far he will go to try to give her her fantasy because he knows how important it is to her (awww).
BTW- the gender reversal when they started out, how Caroline was stronger than Tyler, more knowledgeable about the supernatural stuff and downright protective of him? How he was the one with all the feelings when they finally hooked up in 3x01? Will never not be totally hot.

I even love how they fight. - Because couples disagree- it's how they work it out that matters. And they've both grown as a result; made changes in their choices and behaviour because they respect each other's opinions. From Tyler realizing that he has to "help [his] friend[s]" in season 2 (and going all martyr/hybrid slave freeing in season 3 and 4) to Caroline realizing that prioritizing their group above all others is not okay this season- see the change in her reactions from 4x06 to 4x15 - this is what healthy relationships are all about.

They give each other so much, and it's not about the material cost or pride or image- it's about understanding, safety and connection.

Because I eat up imagery and fore shadow (r)ing and metaphors. Little things, like their instrumental theme, show that the writers have a plan for TC, that they were set up as opposites that attract on purpose. Although I wish I knew what it was! They have been described as the show's Romeo and Juliet by one of the EPs, which is hardly promising. *cries*

Because they have hot dammit-why-are-we-still-wearing-clothes sex as well as lovemaking. And I think it's a deliberate contrast to Stelena (which is a lot more ~fade out ~white sheets and ~romance) and Delena (kinky ripping off clothes, bloodplay).

And ugh, Klaroline, Steroline, Maroline, Daroline how wrong you all are. Feel free to come at me if you disagree. :) I have lots of canon reasons and I will pwn you with them.

Fics- sadly most great stuff was written in 2010/2011 but here are a few recs:

Staring at the sun- I love this fic soooo much, just the way it ties into TC themes, the characterization, the attention to canon detail, how it ends on such a sad note. The summer leading up to 3x01.

Said Show Me Round- this is pretty much a shoo-in for Best Forwood Fic in the Forwood awards for a reason. Goes along that general theme of how they've "never been close" until they collide after their supernatural transformations. Ugh. Love this. Another summer hiatus fic.

Hell On The Throat- a drabble series of TC snapshots. So much emotion in each 100 word piece.

Plausible Deniability- Caroline-centric, post 3x09. Because "Human Caroline" and "Vampire Caroline" ARE THE SAME PERSON.

Evolution- TC from Liz's perspective. I know, an actual parent on TVD!

Thaw- shameless self promotion- post 4x09.
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