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Fic and meta with links and mini-summaries here. Feel free to comment on this entry if you want to be friends too- I f-lock more personal entries and all pictures with people I know IRL

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"We do not write because we want to; we write because we have to." W. Somerset Maugham

Newton's First Law

Fandom: The Martian (Andy Weir)
Characters: Chris Beck/Beth Johanssen
Rating/Warnings: T, none
Word Count: 3000 or so
Summary: Because there are ways to shake inertia, even in space. JohanBeck up to SOL 439

Newton"s First LawCollapse )
Okay I just need to draft this somewhere that is meant for writing and not a GIF caption.

reply even though i know better than to feed trollsCollapse )

TO 3x21

This was also a love/hate ep. What bugs me the most is that the Kolvina part I think i was supposed to love gave me the worst lip curling WTF reaction. Like I can feel myself shipping them less, and every time sets of it cross my dash I am just WHYYYY.

Give them hell, kidCollapse )

TO 3x20

Okay I'm still half NOOOO WTFEVEN and half OMG YASSSS over what happened in the ep so um. I'm reserving judgement on the parts that make me want to burn things until next ep? Like I'm hoping (perhaps stupidly) that they will be undone or deconstructed immediately because seriously SHUT UP. NO.

So I'll talk about what I loved under the cut. (All uncredited GIFs are mine. Let me know if you want them in a rebloggable set on tumblr.):

Where nothing lies buriedCollapse )


Fandom: The Originals
Characters: Davina Claire/Kol Mikaelson
Rating/Warnings: M/Bloodplay, Sex, Major Character Death, canon compliant up to 3x19
Word Count: 725
Summary: (For Trope Bingo: First Time/Last Time)
She knows he'd rather die than hurt her.
It's funny how we can be wrong and right at the same time.

UnmaskedCollapse )

Kolvina spec for the finale

Okay here is me putting my unbridled optimism down somewhere. Yes, I have only myself to blame if I get kicked in the teeth by canon, but I don't think anything I spec is too far fetched?

3x20 to 3x22Collapse )

The Originals 3x19

I'm still so upset about this episode but I tried to make a proper response post:

No More Heartbreaks (HAHAHAHA)Collapse )

The Originals 3x16

I found this ep a bit filler-ish? I just got the feeling that the writers are trying to connect the bigger dots in their narrative with not-so plausible plot points instead of making an ep that stood up on its own? Also I was sorely disappointed on the Kolvina front:


In Limine Somnia

Title: In Limine Somnia (On the threshold of dreams)
Fandom: The Originals
Characters: Kol Mikaelson/Davina Claire, Joshua Rosza
Rating/Warnings: T, none
Word Count: 1150 or so
Summary: Missing scenes in the three days between 3x14 and 3x15. Kolvina, Davina&Josh

In limine somniaCollapse )

I know my tumblr blog has been a solid wall of squee over this ship, but we have a few weeks until it crashes so let me bask in the glory of it a little longer, okay guys? :DDD

There are so many themes that get me all !!! but I'm going to try to sum up what makes me ship them so damn hard:
(All uncredited GIFs under the cuts are mine- if you want me to post them on tumblr so you can reblog please let me know!)

Kolvina Ship ManifestoCollapse )
I am so pleased I still have this icon. :DDDD

Soooo I've been watching every week since 3x11 and now I am fully committed (as in, I've been binging) because YESSSS THEY BROUGHT BACK KOL FOR REAL.

So judging from the promoSpoilers for 3x15Collapse )

Also I wrote a Kolvina drabble forishi_chan

Title: Lecherous Heart
Characters: Davina Claire/Kol Mikaelson
Rating/Warnings: T, none
Word Count: 100
Summary: Straight after the last scene in 3x14

Lecherous HeartCollapse )


Haven't done one of these in forever! And this might be a bit disjointed because I have no central point to make but:

I have no idea what it is with all the Star Wars homages in TGIT today. Were these eps being written when TFA released? Like Bailey is canonically a Star Wars geek (and therefore I think Shonda is because nobody accidentally parallels episodes to being encased in carbonite) but seriously:

"He's your father?!" (Grey's promo for next week. Apparently 12x10, 11 and 12 were one huge script that they had to split in three.)
"It's a trap!" (title for this ep of HTGAWM)
"I shouldn't have done that." (with building instrumental in the background that abruptly gets cut off too! XDDD)
"Stop being so nice. It makes me feel weird."Collapse )


Title: Angel
Fandom: Star Wars Prequels
Characters: Anakin Skywalker/Padme Amidala, R2-D2, C-3PO, The Naberrie family, (Padme-centric)
Word Count: around 5300
Rating/Warnings: T- suggestive language
Summary: in the arms of the angel/fly away from here

AngelCollapse )


Title: Human (Chp. 2 of A Third Path)
Fandom: Star Wars: Prequel Trilogy
Characters: Anakin Skywalker/Padme Amidala, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Sheev Palpitine|Darth Sidious, (Anakin-centric)
Rating/Warnings: M, non-explicit sex
Word Count: ~3800
Summary: you build me up and then I fall apart/'cause I'm only human

HumanCollapse )

A Third Path

Title: A Third Path
Fandom: Star Wars: Prequel Trilogy
Characters: Anakin Skywalker/Padme Amidala (Padme-centric)
Rating/Warning: M/non-explicit sex
Word Count: 2323
Summary: AU fix-it of sorts diverging from canon right at the end of AotC. (Sometimes consequences are blessings in disguise.)

A Third PathCollapse )

The Force Awakens

So guess who saw TFA again in 3D today? :DDD Plus look at what they were giving away with each ticket!

(It's just a postcard but isn't he adorable?) (Amber if I go again and I get Ren I will totally send it to you. LOL)

Spoilers galoraCollapse )

Fandom Year in review

Meme from wheatear. I started writing this and then my draft didn't restore properly and I gave up, but here we go again:
2015 in a nutshellCollapse )


HTGAWM 2x08 plus spec

LJ WTF. Has anybody else had trouble accessing for the last week or so? And yet zero offers of extra paid time? :///

Crossposted from tumblrCollapse )

HTGAWM 2x06 Two Birds, One Millstone

I don't know how coherent this will be because:

HTGAWM 2x06Collapse )

Where all past years are

Title: Where all past years are
Fandom: The Hobbit (Jackson films)
Characters: Tauriel/Kili, Bilbo Baggins/Thorin Oakenshield (implied), Legolas & Gimli
Rating/Warnings: G, none
Word Count: 983
Summary: It's easier not to lose hope when standing next to friends.

Where all past years areCollapse )


Title: Discretion (Dilemma)
Fandom: Compilation of FFVII
Characters: Reeve Tuesti/Rufus Shinra
Rating/Warnings: T (may increase), none
Word Count: just under 4000
Summary:A man who wishes to repay a debt to the Planet. A man who has been instrumental in both saving and rebuilding it. And a solution to the energy problem in a world without Mako.
Because the need to create may be divine, but the need to love is only human.

DilemmaCollapse )

HTGAWM 2x05 "Meet Bonnie"

Such good TV today! Grey's was awesome too (Happy 250th ep!!). Such a train wreck of a dinner party that I was actually looking forward to the UTI bits, LOL.

But since I'm always way more !!! about HTGAWM:
You let me have sex with Eggs 911Collapse )

D stands for...

Title: D stands for...
Fandom: How To Get Away With Murder
Characters: Oliver Hampton/Connor Walsh
Rating/Warnings: T, suggestive language
Word Count: 200
Summary: We all know what the D stands for.

D stands for...Collapse )

See it's actually a bad thing that I have three WIPs. (And all three of them for trope bingo. DOUBLE CRAP.) I feel too scattered to finish them, especially when I'm all !!! over HTGAWM. Like you know when you have a story itching at the inside of your skull demanding to take form? That insistent compulsion: I NEED IT.

Three thousand more words or so due in 13 days. But the BotFA EE being released on the 20th should shove me back into the Hobbit frame of mind for a bit. I hope.

1.Allies and AlloysCollapse )

2.Where all past years areCollapse )

3.DiscretionCollapse )


Unspoken Communication

This is one of my favorite shippy tropes. Characters who know each other so well that they can read each other’s minds and therefore act with unthinking synchronization. Extra points for when it’s displayed under extreme pressure.

Usually we see this in fight scenes. E.g. Huntingbird from Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (with bonus bickering, hahahah):

Or Mako/Raleigh (Maleigh) from Pacific Rim (Mentally linked via machinery, although they had to demonstrate this kind of compatibility first.):

Or from The Incredibles (Helen and Bob Parr):

And then there are pairings who take this to a whole new level like Fitzsimmons (also from Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.). Co-dependent to start, and now independent after being separated several times-- and yet still very much connected.

"You and Simmons are so tight. It"s like you"re psychically linked."Collapse )

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